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- ====== Safoura Rezapour Lakani ====== +====== Safoura Rezapour Lakani ====== 
- +{{:people:photo.jpg?100 |}} I am a PhD student ​in the intelligent ​and interactive systems ​group from September 2013Before ​obtained ​my MSc in Software ​systems ​engineering from the RWTH Aachen university with thesis ​title //Attribute ​based object recognition and life long learning//​. ​I received my Bachelor degree in software systems engineering from Iran with thesis title //People Authentication with Iris Recognition//. I am from RashtIran
-{{:intranet:​public:photo.jpg?nolink&​120 ​| }}  +\\ 
- +\\ 
- +\\ 
- +== Contact ​==
-I am a researcher and PhD candidate ​in Intelligent ​and Interactive Systems ​group. I come from Rasht, Iran +
- +
-got my bachelor degree in 2008 in Software ​Systems ​engineering from Iran, my bachelor ​thesis ​was **Authenticate People with Iris Texture**, here is my poster in INRIA-2012 Summer school in Grenoble, [[​willow/​events/​cvml2012/​cvml2012posters.html| poster]] +
- +
-I completed my master degree in Software Systems Engineering in RWTH Aachen in July, 2013. I did my master thesis in attribute-based object recognition and life-long learning ​on robots. The ICVSS 2013 poster based on object recognition part is [[|poster]] +
- +
-I am interested in robotics especially object recognition and learning that can be used in this domainusing scene context in object recognition,​ natural language processing and also interactive learning  +
- +
- +
-===== contact =====+
 +|[[https://​​public/​papers/​Zech-2017-AB.pdf | Computational Models of Affordances in Robotics: A Taxonomy and Systematic Classification]] \\  Philipp Zech, Simon Haller, Safoura Rezapour Lakani, Emre Ugur, Barry Ridge, Justus Piater \\ Adaptive Behaviour, 2017 \\ | |
 +|[[ https://​​public/​papers/​Rezapour-2017-WACV.pdf | Can Affordances Guide Object Decomposition Into Semantically Meaningful Parts? ]] \\ Safoura Rezapour Lakani, Antonio J. Rodríguez-Sánchez,​ Justus Piater \\ IEEE Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision, 2017 \\ | {{:​people:​}} |
 +|[[https://​​public/​papers/​Rezapour-2015-CRV.pdf|CPS:​ 3D Compositional Part Segmentation through Grasping]] \\ Safoura Rezapour Lakani, Mirela Popa, Antonio J. Rodríguez-Sánchez,​ Justus Piater \\ 12th Conference on Computer and Robot Vision 2015 \\ Best Robotic Vision Paper Award| {{:​people:​}} |[[https://​​public/​IkeaPartsObjectDataset/​|IKEA Parts Object Dataset]] |
 +|[[https://​​public/​papers/​Rezapour-2014-PA.pdf|Scale-Invariant,​ Unsupervised Part Decomposition of 3D Objects]] \\ Safoura Rezapour Lakani, Mirela Popa, Antonio J. Rodríguez-Sánchez,​ Justus Piater \\ ECCV 2014, Workshop on Parts and Attributes|
 +== More Information ==
 +[[https://​​citations?​hl=de&​user=tLnpwCsAAAAJ&​view_op=list_works&​gmla=AJsN-F6Z56FWla4xXy3eI0LJXlm-prroezufCRaLqOVfpwSwncVW4Me1Gxs7YhMkbDaHzXhV2haWtPW5U_xFtTJ2U0-_s_G01RnmemU_BVPRqNJfESWARUk|Google Scholar]]
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