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    *The dataset is based on the [[http://​​benchmark/​|Princeton Shape Benchmark database]].    *The dataset is based on the [[http://​​benchmark/​|Princeton Shape Benchmark database]].
-   *The dataset contains ​4 sets for the each possible connection between objects (//in//, //on//, //below// and //next to//). The problem is formulated that all possible relations should be treated so two objects can have multiple connections.  +   *The dataset contains ​one table, indexed by object pairs, ​for each of the object-object relations ​//in//, //on//, //below// and //next to//. 
-   *Links between objects are determined ​by values: +   *Relations ​between objects are represented ​by the following ​values: 
-       ​***0** - no connection +       ​***0** - no relation 
-       ​***1** - direct connection +       ​***1** - forward relation 
-       ​***-1** - reverse ​connection +       ​***-1** - reverse ​relation 
-       ​***empty** - unknown ​connection+       ​***empty** - unknown ​relation
    * You can download the dataset [[https://​​public/​databases/​esann2015/​|here]].    * You can download the dataset [[https://​​public/​databases/​esann2015/​|here]].
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