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 +======Human-centered Computing: Challenges and Perspectives======
 +**[[http://​​~sebe/​|Nicu Sebe]]\\
 +Professor of Computer Science\\
 +University of Trento**
 +**Thursday April 18 2013, 16:​15-17:​30**,​ Viktor Franz Hess building, HS D
 +Human Centered Computing (HCC) is an emerging field that aims at
 +bridging the existing gaps between the various disciplines involved
 +with the design and implementation of computing systems that support
 +people'​s activities. HCC aims at tightly integrating human sciences
 +(e.g. social and cognitive) and computer science (e.g. human-computer
 +interaction (HCI), signal processing, machine learning, and computer
 +vision) for the design of computing systems with a human focus from
 +beginning to end. This presentation will address the existing
 +challenges in HCC and will focus on real-time and robust solutions for
 +eye detection and tracking, ​ head pose estimation and their
 +applications to gaze estimation, attention detection and personality.
 +Nicu Sebe is with the University of Trento, Italy, where he is the
 +dean of the doctoral school in ICT and is leading the research in the
 +areas of multimedia information retrieval and human-computer
 +interaction in computer vision applications. He was involved in the
 +organization of the major conferences and workshops addressing the
 +computer vision and human-centered aspects of multimedia information
 +retrieval, among which as a General Co-Chair of the IEEE Automatic
 +Face and Gesture Recognition Conference, FG 2008, ACM International
 +Conference on Image and Video Retrieval (CIVR) 2007 and 2010. He is
 +the general chair of ACM Multimedia 2013, a program chair of ECCV 2016
 +and was a program chair of ACM Multimedia 2011 and 2007. He has been a
 +visiting professor in Beckman Institute, University of Illinois at
 +Urbana-Champaign and in the Electrical Engineering Department,
 +Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany. He is a co-chair of the
 +IEEE Computer Society Task Force on Human-centered Computing and is an
 +associate editor of IEEE Transactions on Multimedia, Computer Vision
 +and Image Uniderstanding,​ Machine Vision and Applications,​ Image and
 +Vision Computing, and of Journal of Multimedia.
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