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-======Senka Krivić====== 
-{{:​people:​untitled1.png?​150 |}} 
-I joined Intelligent and Interactives Systems (IIS) lab in February 2014 as a PhD student. There I am working on a [[http://​​|SQUIRREL]] project and as a teaching assistant of the prosemiar [[http://​​public_prod/​owa/​lfuonline_lv.details?​sem_id_in=14S&​lvnr_id_in=703031|Introduction to Intelligent and Autonomous Systems]]. My work is under the supervision of Professor Justus Piater. 
-Previously, I obtained a Bachelor and Master degrees in Automatic Control and Electronics at the Faculty for Electrical Engineering,​ University of Sarajevo. During my studies, I focused on mobile robotics and intelligent control. My bachelor thesis was "​Mobile Robot Map Building"​ and my master thesis was "​Biometric Authentication Based on Artificial Neural Networks”,​ both under supervision of Professor Samim Konjicija. ​ 
-**Research Interests** 
-Robotics, Machine Learning, Robot Learning, Movement Primitives, Computational Intelligence,​ Optimization 
-===Contact Information=== 
-| Intelligent and Interactive Systems ​ \\ Institute ​ of Informatik, Room 2WO2  \\ Technikerstr. 21a  \\ A-6020 Innsbruck \\ Austria | 
-|Phone (IIS Secretariat) : +43 512 507 53268| 
-|Fax (IIS Secretariat):​ +43 512 53069| 
-**Universität Innsbruck** 
-  *[[https://​​courses/​2017s/​703030|Introduction to Intelligent and Autonomus Systems]] [[http://​​public_prod/​owa/​lfuonline_lv.details?​sem_id_in=17S&​lvnr_id_in=703031|(UIBK link)]], spring 2017/2018, 
-  *[[https://​​courses/​2016s/​703030|Introduction to Intelligent and Autonomus Systems]] [[http://​​public_prod/​owa/​lfuonline_lv.details?​sem_id_in=16S&​lvnr_id_in=703031|(UIBK link)]], spring 2015/2016, 
-  *[[https://​​courses/​2015s/​703030|Introduction to Intelligent and Autonomus Systems]] [[http://​​public_prod/​owa/​lfuonline_lv.details?​sem_id_in=15S&​lvnr_id_in=703031|(UIBK link)]], spring 2014/2015, 
-  *[[https://​​courses/​2014s/​703030|Introduction to Intelligent and Autonomus Systems]] [[http://​​public_prod/​owa/​lfuonline_lv.details?​sem_id_in=14S&​lvnr_id_in=703031|(UIBK link)]], spring 2013/2014, 
-**Thesis supervision** 
-^Thesis^ Student^ Status^ 
-|[[https://​​theses/​slam|Navigation with Simultaneous Localization and Mapping for Indoor Omni-Directional Mobile Robot]]| Matej Stanic| active | 
-|[[https://​​theses/​floating-base_inverse_kinematics_for_mobile_manipulation|Floating-Base Inverse Kinematics for Mobile Manipulation]]|Konstantin Beiser| completed| 
-|[[https://​​theses/​hri|Human–Robot Interaction via Voice-Controllable User Interface]]|Philipp Häusle|active| 
-**University of Sarajevo** 
-  * Intelligent Control, fall 2013/2014 
-^Year^ Conferences ^ Paper^ Files^ 
-|2017|[[http://​​|International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI)]]|Decreasing Uncertainty in Planning with State Prediction, Senka Krivic, Michael Cashmore,​Daniele Magazzeni, Bram Ridder, Justus Piater|| 
-|2017|[[http://​​taros2017|18th Towards Autonomous Robotic Systems (TAROS) Conference]]|Autonomous Object Handover using Wrist Tactile Information,​ Jelizaveta Konstantinova,​ Senka Krivic, Agostino Stilli, Justus Piater, Kaspar Althoefer|| 
-|2016|[[http://​​|CASE 2016]]|[[https://​​public/​papers/​Krivic-2016-CASE.pdf| A Robust Pushing Skill For Object Delivery Between Obstacles]],​ Senka Krivić, Emre Ugur, Justus Piater | <​html>​ 
-  <div style="​border:​0;​float:​right;​margin:​0 0 0 1.5em">​ 
-     <​video width="​2*280"​ height="​2*170"​ controls preload="​metadata">​ 
-       <​source src="/​public/​videos/​casehigh.ogg"​ type='​video/​ogg;​codecs="​theora,​ vorbis"'>​ 
-       <​applet code="​com.fluendo.player.Cortado.class"​ archive="/​public/​cortado.jar"​ width="​280"​ height="​170">​ 
-        <param name="​autoPlay"​ value"​false"​ /> 
-        <param name="​url"​ value="/​public/​videos/​casehigh.ogg"/>​ 
-       </​applet>​ 
-     </​video>​ </​div>​ 
-</​html>​ | 
-|2015|[[https://​​esann/​index.php?​pg=welcome|ESANN]]|[[https://​​Proceedings/​esann/​esannpdf/​es2015-69.pdf | Learning missing edges via kernels in partially-known graphs ]], Senka Krivić, Sandor Szedmak, Hanchen Xiong, Justus Piater |[[ :​datasets:​ior| Dataset]] \\ [[:​software:​mmr_mmmvr| MMMVR]]| 
-| ||| 
-|2013|[[http://​​|9th ASCC]]|[[http://​​xpl/​login.jsp?​tp=&​arnumber=6606226&​|Optimization based algorithm for correction of systematic odometry errors of mobile robot]], Krivic, S.; Mrzic, A. ; Velagic, J. ; Osmic, N.|| 
-|2012|[[http://​​mecatronics-rem2012/​|13th MECATRONICS-REM]]|[[http://​​xpl/​login.jsp?​tp=&​arnumber=6451000&​|Haptic paddle and fuzzy based virtual environment model control system as a didactic tool]], Krivic, S., Kaknjo, A. ; Hujdur, M. ; Zubovic, N. ; Sokic, E.|| 
-|2012|[[http://​​MIPRO2012/​ELink.aspx|35th MIPRO]]|[[http://​​xpl/​login.jsp?​tp=&​arnumber=6240931&​| Design and implementation of fuzzy controller on embedded computer for water level control]],​Krivic,​ S. ; Hujdur, M. ; Mrzic, A. ; Konjicija, S.|| 
-|2011|[[http://​​MIPRO2011/​ELink.aspx|34th MIPRO]]|[[http://​​xpl/​login.jsp?​tp=&​arnumber=5967338&​|Building mobile robot and creating applications for 2D map building and trajectory control]], Krivic, S.; Mrzic, A. ; Osmic, N.|| 
-^Year^ Workshops ^ ^ ^ 
-|2017| [[http://​​~bartak/​KnowProS2017/​|Knowledge-based techniques for problem solving and reasoning 
-(KnowProS 2017)]] at [[http://​​Conferences/​AAAI/​2017/​aaai17call.php|AAAI2017]]|[[http://​​ocs/​index.php/​WS/​AAAIW17/​paper/​view/​15157/​14744|Initial State Prediction]],​ Senka Krivic, Michael Cashmore, Bram Ridder, Justus Piater, //paper//|| 
-|2016| [[http://​​wordpress/​plansig-2015/​|UK Planning and Scheduling Special Interest Group]]|[[https://​​public/​papers/​Krivic-2015-PlanSIG.pdf|Initial State Prediction in Planning]], Senka Krivic, Michael Cashmore, Bram Ridder, Justus Piater, //extended abstract//​|| 
-|2015| [[http://​​|IROS 2015 workshop on Learning object affordances]]|[[https://​​public/​papers/​Krivic-2015-LearningObjectAffordances.pdf| Acting on Push Affordances: ​ Adapting Dynamic Movement Primitives Based on Object Behaviour ]], Senka Krivic, Emre Ugur, Justus Piater, //extended abstract//| {{:​people:​poster_portrait.pdf| Poster}} | 
-|2014|[[http://​​index.php?​page=arw-2014|ARW]]|[[https://​​public/​papers/​Hangl-2014-ARW.pdf|Exploiting the Environment for Object Manipulation]],​ Simon Hangl, Senka Krivic, Philipp Zech, Emre Ugur, Justus Piater, \\ //Best Student Paper Award//|| 
-===More Information=== 
-|[[http://​​citations?​user=ujfcE-sAAAAJ&​hl=en|Google Scholar]]| 
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