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 === Areas of Interest === === Areas of Interest ===
 ---- ----
-  * Understanding ​the gap between expressivity and learnability of neural networks ​([[https://​​abs/​1905.08744|1]],​ [[https://​​abs/​2011.02956|2]],​ [[https://​​papers_20neurips/​55_paper.pdf|3]],​ [[https://​​science/​article/​pii/​S2665963821000014|4]],​ [[https://​​abs/​2103.04331|5]],​ [[https://​​abs/​2102.11944|6]])\\ +My main interest is to improve state-of-the art results in machine-learning by understanding ​the gap between expressivity and learnability of neural networks ​that seems to be huge. Here is the list of the publications: ​[[https://​​abs/​1905.08744|1]],​ [[https://​​abs/​2011.02956|2]],​ [[https://​​papers_20neurips/​55_paper.pdf|3]],​ [[https://​​science/​article/​pii/​S2665963821000014|4]],​ [[https://​​abs/​2103.04331|5]],​ [[https://​​abs/​2102.11944|6]][[​abs/​2105.14839|7]] [[https://​​abs/​2104.07393|8]] [[​2201.11091|9]]\\
-  * Topics: ​[[|Learning Theory]], Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Natural language processing ​\\ +
-  * Hobbies: Climbing, hiking, trumpet etc.+
 === Positions === === Positions ===
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