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 +===== Working With Us =====
-{{::iis-2017.jpg?​570|Group Picture}}\\ +  * We are hiring an **Assistant Professor (with Tenure-Track Option)** of Computer Science ​in [[jobs|Embodied Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning]]. ​ Applications must be received by August 29, 2018.
-Group picture taken at our retreat ​in Obergurgl+
 +  * Check our thesis topics for [[theses/​start|Bachelor and Master students]].
-===== Working With Us =====+{{::​iis-2017.jpg?​570|Group Picture}}\\ 
 +Group picture taken at our retreat in Obergurgl
-Check our thesis topics for [[theses/​start|Bachelor and Master students]]. 
 ===== News ===== ===== News =====
-  * Justus Piater is an **invited speaker** at the [[|SoMa Summer School on Soft Manipulation]] in July 2017. +<​HTML><​table><​tr valign="​top"><​td>​2018-07-17</​td><​td>​Simon Haller and Nicolas Stolz appear in the media: <a href="​​medienspiegel/​nachlesen/​2018_07_17_roboter_zu_besuch_in_liechtenstein-liechtensteiner-vaterland.pdf">​ 
-  * Justus Piater is an **invited speaker** ​at the workshop on [[|Machine Learning Methods for High-Level Cognitive Capabilities in Robotics]] at [[|IROS]] ​in October 2016. +    Roboter zu Besuch in Liechtenstein 
-  ​* ​Justus Piater ​is an **invited ​speaker** at the NII Shonan Meeting on [[​cognitive-development-and-symbol-emergence-in-humans-and-robots/| Cognitive Development and Symbol Emergence in Humans and Robots]] in October 2016, in Japan. +    </a>.</td></tr><​tr valign="​top"><​td>​2018-07-03</​td><​td>​Simon Haller teaches a tutorial <​i>​Wie kann ein Roboter lernen, die Welt zu verstehen?</​i>,​ Campustag BORG Schwaz, Universität Innsbruck.</​td></​tr><​tr valign="​top"><​td>​2018-06-30</​td><​td>​Philipp Zech, Barry Ridge, and Emre Ugur co-organize the <a href="​">​1st 
-  * Justus Piater ​is an **invited speaker** at the workshop on [[|Robotics in the 21st century: Challenges and Promises]] in September 2016+    International Workshop on Computational Models of Affordance ​in 
-  * Justus Piater is an **invited Speaker** at the international conference on [[https://​​projects/agency-and-physics/events/​aqpic.html|Agency and (Quantum) Physics]] in September 2016. +    ​Robotics</​a>​.</​td></​tr><​tr valign="​top"><​td>​2018-06-30</​td><​td>​Justus Piater ​gives an invited ​talk <​i>​Objects,​ Parts, Functions, Affordances,​ Actions, and Tasks</​i>,​ <a href="​">​1st 
-  * Emre Ugur is an **invited ​speakers** at the workshop on [[​|Bootstrapping Manipulation Skills]] ​at [[|RSS]] in June 2016. +    International Workshop on Computational Models of Affordance in 
-  * Emre Ugur is co-organizing **Shonan Meeting** ​on [[​cognitive-development-and-symbol-emergence-in-humans-and-robots/| Cognitive Development ​and Symbol Emergence ​in Humans and Robots]]with Tadahiro Taniguchi and George Konidarisin October 2016, in Japan. +    Robotics<​/a>, Pittsburgh, PA, USA.</td></tr><​tr valign="​top"><​td>​2018-06-12</td><​td>​Justus Piater, Simon Haller, and Olaf Köhler appear in the media: <a href="​">​ 
-  * Emre Ugur is an **invited speaker** at the [[​lang=en | 2nd International Workshop on Cognitive Neuroscience Robotics]] in February 2016in OsakaJapan.+    Music Globe und Cubeat 
 +    </​a>​.</​td></​tr><​tr valign="​top"><​td>​2018-06-12</​td><​td>​Simon Haller teaches a tutorial <​i>​Robotics im Klassenzimmer</​i>,​ <a href="https://​​informatik/schule/​inday-teachers/">​InDay Teachers 2018</​a>,​ Universität Innsbruck.</​td></​tr><​tr valign="​top"><​td>​2018-04-24</​td><​td>​Justus Piater gives an invited ​talk <​i>​Intelligente Roboter – Freund, Feind oder 
 +    Hirngespinst?</​i>,​ <a href="">​Popular 
 +    science talk within the WissensDurst series</a>, Innsbruck, Austria.</td></​tr><​tr valign="​top"><​td>​2018-04-11</​td><​td>​Justus Piater is a panelist at a public discussion ​on <a href="​">​AI 
 +    – Wird der Mensch ersetzbar?, organized by the Faculty of Law and 
 +    the European Law Students’ Association Austria</​a> ​in InnsbruckAustria.</​td></​tr><​tr valign="​top"><​td>​2018-04-10</​td><​td>​Philipp ZechJustus Piaterand Cornelia Vidovic appear ​in the media: <a href="​lebensart/​web/​14222291-91/​roboter-bauen-ist-ja-kinderleicht.csp">​ 
 +      Roboter bauen? Ist ja kinderleicht 
 +    </a>.</td></​tr><​tr valign="​top"><​td>​2018-03-23</​td><​td>​Simon Haller teaches a tutorial <​i>​Was sind Roboter? Wie verstehen Roboter? Wie baut man einen einfachen Roboter?</​i>​Campustag BG/BRG SillgasseUniversität Innsbruck.</​td></​tr></​table></​HTML>​
 [[news|Older News]] [[news|Older News]]
-===== Press ===== 
-  * [[http://​​2000035773928/​Wie-Robin-gelernt-hat-einen-Turm-zu-bauen|Wie Robin gelernt hat, einen Turm zu bauen]] - Der Standard (May 1, 2016) 
-  * ORF, Austria'​s public TV and radio service, reports on our work in the context of the [[http://​​|Xperience]] and [[http://​​|SQUIRREL]] projects (21.4.2016, in German): 
-    * [[http://​​programm/​434380|Ö1 Wissen aktuell]] (radio) 
-    * [[http://​​program/​Tirol-heute/​70023/​Tirol-heute/​12501058/​Lernen-wie-ein-Kind-Lange-Nacht-der-Forschung/​12506816|Tirol heute]] (TV) 
-    * [[http://​​news/​stories/​2769952/​| News]] (text + teaser video) 
-  * [[https://​​_media/​public/​16042016news_zech_lnf_full.pdf | Hier sind die Roboter]] - News (April 16, 2016, in German) 
-  * [[http://​​panorama/​11075798-91/​fast-wie-science-fiction-ein-roboter-der-lernt-wie-ein-kind.csp|Fast wie Science Fiction: Ein Roboter, der lernt wie ein Kind]] - Tiroler Tageszeitung (February 3, 2016, in German) features [[@/​public/​emre/​research.html|Emre Ugur's work on stacked learning]]. 
-  * [[http://​​ipoint/​news/​2015/​|Eine Kamera als Sehhilfe]] ([[http://​​ipoint/​|iPoint]] 06.02.2015, in German) 
-  * <​HTML>​ 
-<div class="​embedded_video">​ 
-<style type="​text/​css"​ scoped> 
-#​tiroltvvideo { 
-  display: none; 
-#​tiroltvvideo:​target { 
-  display: block; 
-  <a href="#​tiroltvvideo">​Robotik an der Uni Innsbruck - TirolTV vom 1 Dezember 2014<​span id="​tiroltvvideo"><​span>​ 
-   <​iframe src="​https://​​video/​113292313?​color=878787"​ width="​500"​ height="​281"​ frameborder="​0"​ webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></​iframe>​ 
-    </​span></​a>​ 
-  * <​HTML>​ 
-<div class="​embedded_video">​ 
-<style type="​text/​css"​ scoped> 
-#raivideo { 
-  display: none; 
-#​raivideo:​target { 
-  display: block; 
-  <a href="#​raivideo">​RAI Südtirol - Tagesschau vom 12 Juli 2014<​span id="​raivideo">​ 
-    <video width="​560"​ height="​340"​ controls preload="​metadata">​ 
-      <source src="/​public/​videos/​RAI_Tagesschau_12-07-2014.ogg"​ 
-        type='​video/​ogg;​ codecs="​theora,​ vorbis"'> ​ 
-      <applet code="​com.fluendo.player.Cortado.class"​ 
-        archive="/​public/​cortado.jar"​ width="​560"​ height="​340"> ​ 
-        <param name="​autoPlay"​ value"​false"​ />  
-        <param name="​url"​ value="/​public/​videos/​RAI_Tagesschau_12-07-2014.ogg"/> ​ 
-      </​applet> ​ 
-    </​video>​ 
-    </​span></​a>​ 
-  * [[http://​​ipoint/​blog/​1135417.html|Roboter,​ die von Menschen lernen]] - ([[http://​​ipoint/​|iPoint]] 03.01.2014, in German) 
-  * [[http://​​ipoint/​news/​2012/​vom-gehirn-lernen.html.en|Learning from the Brain]] - UIBK news 21/11/2012 reports on 2DSIL, a biologically-inspired model of shape representation. ​ 
-  * [[http://​​|Stille Welt - Gehörlos in Tirol]] - the Tyrolean street newspaper reports on the [[http://​​|SignSpeak]] project. ([[http://​​|20er]],​ pp. 6-7, April 2012, in German) 
-  * [[http://​​public-relations/​medien/​wissenswert/​wissenswert18.pdf|Übersetzungslücken schließen]] - the UIBK supplement to an Austrian newspaper reports on our [[http://​​|SignSpeak]] project ([[http://​​public-relations/​medien/​wissenswert/​|wissenswert]] 18 pp. 16-17, February 2012, in German) 
-  * [[http://​​ipoint/​news/​2011/​|Schlaue Roboter im Haushalt]] ([[http://​​ipoint/​|iPoint]] 13.04.2011, in German) 
-  * [[http://​​forschung/​magazin/​5/​artikel/​neuberufung.pdf|Roboter lernen lernen]] ([[http://​​forschung/​magazin/​|zukunft forschung]] [[http://​​forschung/​magazin/​5/​|2/​2010]],​ in German) 
 ===== Postal Address ===== ===== Postal Address =====
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 **How to find us:** See the [[http://​​how-to-reach-us/​|directions]]. **How to find us:** See the [[http://​​how-to-reach-us/​|directions]].
-**Legal Notice:** See the [[:​impressum|Impress]].+**Legal Notice:** See the [[:​impressum|Impress ​and Privacy Notice]].
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