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-===== Multiple Positions in Robotics/​Vision/​Learning at U. Innsbruck ​=====+======Working With Us======
-In a new research group in Intelligent and Interactive Systems at the [[http://​|University of Innsbruck]], directed by Prof. Justus Piater, multiple positions are available for postdoctoral researchers and doctoral students.+We are always looking for strong, motivated students to work on our [[theses|Bachelor or Master projects]].
-==== Our Opportunities ==== 
-These (non-permanent) university research staff positions are not tied to any specific research projectsResearch topics are negotiable within the range of activities of the research groupTopics of particular interest include:+===== Ph.DStudent Position in Robot Learning or Computer Vision at U. Innsbruck =====
-    * gesture-based human-computer interaction +The research group in [[@/​|Intelligent ​and Interactive Systems]], led by Profs. Justus Piater ​and Antonio Rodríguez-Sánchez, has an opening ​for a Ph.D. student, on a university assistant position that includes minor teaching requirements. The research will be loosely aligned with ongoing [[:​research:​projects|research projects]] in the lab:
-    * video analysis for sign language transcription +
-    * semantic understanding of observed manipulative actions +
-    * exploratory learning from sensorimotor to conceptual levels +
-    * learning to learn: leverage experience to guide future learning +
-    * perception ​and inference for robotic grasping ​and manipulation +
-    * landmark-based visual SLAM +
-    * reactive algorithms ​for obstacle avoidance and navigation+
-Most of these topics tie in with one active ​and two upcoming EU-FP7-ICT projects in Cognitive Systems, Interaction ​and Robotics, offering a vibrant and internationally well-connected research environment.+  * deep learning ​in computer vision or robotics 
 +  * computational models of biological vision 
 +  * biologically-inspired computer vision 
 +  * robot vision ​and closed-loop sensorimotor interaction 
 +  * open-ended and intrinsically-motivated robot learning 
 +  * concept discovery by learning robots 
 +  * goal-oriented exploratory learning 
 +  * prediction of action effects 
 +  * robot skill optimization 
 +  * human-robot interaction and collaboration
-Postdoctoral researchers are expected to assume leadership roles. In addition, all positions involve minor teaching requirements. 
-Salaries are internationally competitive and commensurate with qualification and experience. 
 ==== Your Profile ==== ==== Your Profile ====
-Applicants ​for a postdoctoral position should ​have earned, or be about to earn, a doctoral ​degree in relevant area, possess a strong publication ​record ​commensurate with experience, and have demonstrated ​strengths ​in at least one of the following ​areas:+Applicants ​must have 
 +  * earned, or be about to earn, an M.Sc. degree ​or equivalent ​in computer science or other relevant area, 
 +  * an excellent academic ​record, 
 +  * a strong background in machine learning as well as in robotics ​and/or computer vision, 
 +  * demonstrated ​prior achievements ​in some of the above areas
 +  * a strong mathematical background,​ 
 +  * substantial programming experience in C++ and other languages, and 
 +  * excellent written and oral communication skills in English.
-    * statistical machine learning +Experience with PyTorch/​TensorFlow/​Keras ​and/or ROS will be a strong asset.
-    * probabilistic modeling ​and inference +
-    * computer vision +
-    * robotic grasping ​or manipulation +
-    * autonomous mobile robotics+
-Applicants ​for a doctoral studentship should have earnedor be about to earn, an M.Sc. degree or equivalent in relevant area, possess an excellent academic record, ​and have demonstrated prior achievements in any of the above areas.+Enthusiasm ​for leading-edge research, a team spirit ​and independent problem-solving skills are essential.
-All applicants should possess good written and oral communication skills in English, a strong mathematical background, and programming experience. Enthusiasm for leading-edge research, a team spirit and independent problem-solving skills are essential. 
 ==== The University of Innsbruck, Austria ==== ==== The University of Innsbruck, Austria ====
-The history of the University of Innsbruck, currently [[http://​​world-university-rankings/​2010-2011/​top-200.html|ranked]] the best Austrian university by [[http://​​|Times Higher Education]], ​dates back to 1669. It offers a complete set of academic curricula and currently counts ​25000 students. Founded in 2001, the Department of Computer Science ​is currently expanding and is highly ​active ​in research.+The history of the University of Innsbruck dates back to 1669. It offers a complete set of academic curricula and currently counts ​28000 students. Founded in 2001, our young Department of Computer Science is highly ​productive ​in diverse ​research ​domains, and is internationally very well connected.
-Innsbruck is home to about 30000 students who imprint a distinctive,​ international student atmosphere upon this beautiful ​city of 120000. Beautifully located in the Tyrolean Alps, on the Inn river and surrounded by peaks of up to 2718m, Innsbruck offers outstanding ​recreational ​and cultural value all around the year.+Innsbruck is home to 35000 students who imprint a distinctive,​ international student atmosphere upon this lively ​city of 130000 Beautifully located in the Tyrolean Alps, on the Inn river and surrounded by summits ​of up to 2718m, Innsbruck offers outstanding ​opportunities ​and quality of life all around the year.
 ==== How to Apply ==== ==== How to Apply ====
-Interested applicants should ​[[|send]] a letter of motivation, a curriculum vitae, scanned transcripts and diplomas, and contact information of at least two references ​as a single ​PDF file.+Interested applicants should send a letter of motivation, a curriculum vitae including URLs of English-language theses and dissertations, scanned transcripts and diplomas, and contact information of at least two references ​in PDF to [[]].
-Applications ​will be considered as they are received, ​until all positions are filled.+Applications ​must be received ​by **July 112018**. Starting date is October 2018 or earlier.
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