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 [[https://​​public/​karriereportal.details?​asg_id_in=10040|Apply]] by August 29, 2018. [[https://​​public/​karriereportal.details?​asg_id_in=10040|Apply]] by August 29, 2018.
 +==== The University of Innsbruck, Austria ====
 +The history of the University of Innsbruck dates back to 1669. It offers a complete set of academic curricula and currently counts 28000 students. Founded in 2001, our young Department of Computer Science is highly productive in diverse research domains, and is internationally very well connected.
 +Innsbruck is home to 35000 students who imprint a distinctive,​ international student atmosphere upon this lively city of 130000. ​ Beautifully located in the Tyrolean Alps, on the Inn river and surrounded by summits of up to 2718m, Innsbruck offers outstanding opportunities and quality of life all around the year.
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