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Assistant Professor (with Tenure-Track Option) of Computer Science in Embodied Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Starting date: October 1, 2018, or as soon as possible thereafter.

This position is initially limited to 6 years; a tenure-track agreement can be offered within the first year of employment. Upon positive evaluation the position is converted into a tenured Associate Professorship.

This career position is embedded in an attractive environment of existing competencies in the general area of Autonomous Robotics, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Data Science, Recommender Systems, Compressed Sensing, and Dictionary Learning. It is one of 12 career positions the University of Innsbruck is creating in diverse scientific disciplines connected to digitalization, a strategic investment by the University.

Embodied Artificial Intelligence refers to Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the widest sense with particular focus on interaction with the physical world by means of sensors and/or actuators. Embodied Artificial Intelligence aims to increase autonomy, flexibility, fault tolerance, and the ability of artificial systems to communicate within our world.

Specific topics of interest may include for example:

  • Autonomous robots or vehicles capable of learning;
  • Autonomous, exploratory and/or guided learning in open scenarios;
  • Incremental/hierarchical learning of reusable and composable concepts;
  • Learning and planning across continuous (sensors, actuators) and discrete (symbolic) representations.

Applicants should have pertinent scientific achievements in embodied AI and machine learning beyond their doctoral dissertation, and should possess an excellent scientific track record commensurate with their academic age.

For more information and application details see our job ad on, and contact Prof. Justus Piater.

Apply by August 29, 2018.

The University of Innsbruck, Austria

The history of the University of Innsbruck dates back to 1669. It offers a complete set of academic curricula and currently counts 28000 students. Founded in 2001, our young Department of Computer Science is highly productive in diverse research domains, and is internationally very well connected.

Innsbruck is home to 35000 students who imprint a distinctive, international student atmosphere upon this lively city of 130000. Beautifully located in the Tyrolean Alps, on the Inn river and surrounded by summits of up to 2718m, Innsbruck offers outstanding opportunities and quality of life all around the year.

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