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Git on MS Windows

I'm no fan of that OS but still some people are working with it - so here is a short installation tutorial for working with git on a ms windows machine.


You have to install three software packages:

Video Tutorials

PuTTY Installation and Key Generation

msysGit Installation

TortoiseGit Installation

TortoiseGit Configuration

Clone a Git Repository

clone a git repository and add a file to the local repository...

Commit, Push and Pull

commit local changes to the local repository and push the changes to the iis server.
check for update with git pull.

Generating a ssh key-pair

  • start puttygen.exe
  • press generate and move your mouse in the small screen
  • optional and i don't know if TortoiseGit can handle passphrase protected keys: you can type in a passphrase to protect your key - then you will be asked for it every time you connect
  • save private and public key

Create a empty git repository

Create a local repository - open Windows Explorer:

  • Create an empty folder and right-click into it.
  • Choose “Git Create repository here”
  • Create repository

Repository Settings (right click and go to repository settings)

  1. Git → Config
    • set your username
    • set your email
    • set your full name
  1. Git → Remote (and click on “Add new”)
    • insert url: ssh:/ /
    • PuTTy Key: select the private key you generated

Pulling a Repository

right click on the directory (git repository)

  • in the Tortoise-Git Menu select 'Pull'
  • for 'remote' select 'origin'
  • check 'AutoLoad Putty Key'
  • for 'Remote Branch' select or type 'master'


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