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 David Peer

David Peer

PhD Student

David Peer is currently a PhD student in the Intelligent and Interactive System group at the Universität Innsbruck (Austria) under the supervision of Antonio Rodriguez-Sanchez. He worked 10 years in the industry as a software developer and obtained the degree of M.Sc and B.Sc in Computer Science at the Universität Innsbruck (Austria). He currently studies the gap between expressivity and learnability of neural networks.

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Office: 2M01
Email: david[0x2E]peer[0x40]outlook[0x2E]com

Areas of Interest

  • Understanding the gap between expressivity (1, 2) and learnability of neural networks
  • Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Learning Theory
  • Climbing, hiking, etc.


09.2019 - Today | Researcher at University of Innsbruck (IIS group)
02.2019 - 09.2019 | Researcher at University of Innsbruck (DPS group)
04.2012 - 08.2018 | Software Developer at World-Direct eBusiness Solutions
06.2010 - 04.2012 | Embedded Software Developer at Heliotherm


2019 - Today | PhD Computer Science, University of Innsbruck
2017 - 2019 | MSc Computer Science, University of Innsbruck
2014 - 2017 | BSc Computer Science, University of Innsbruck
2005 - 2010 | HTL Elektronik, Innsbruck


  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer - App Builder
  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer - Web Applications
  • OMG Certified UML Professional


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