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Publications by Simon Haller

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    Journal Articles

    1. Philipp Zech, Erwan Renaudo, Simon Haller, Xiang Zhang, Justus Piater, Action representations in robotics: A taxonomy and systematic classification. International Journal of Robotics Research 38 (5), pp. 518–562, 2019. [Link] [PDF] [Abstract] [BibTeX]

    2. Thiusius Savarimuthu, Anders Buch, Christian Schlette, Nils Wantia, Jürgen Rossmann, David Martínez, Guillem Alenyà, Carme Torras, Aleš Ude, Bojan Nemec, Aljaž Kramberger, Florentin Wörgötter, Eren Aksoy, Jeremie Papon, Simon Haller, Justus Piater, Norbert Krüger, Teaching a Robot the Semantics of Assembly Tasks . IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics: Systems 48 (5), pp. 670–692, 2018. © IEEE [Link] [PDF] [Abstract] [BibTeX]

    3. Philipp Zech, Simon Haller, Safoura Rezapour Lakani, Barry Ridge, Emre Ugur, Justus Piater, Computational models of affordance in robotics: a taxonomy and systematic classification. Adaptive Behavior 25 (5), pp. 235–271, 2017. [Link] [PDF] [Abstract] [BibTeX]

      Proceedings Papers

      1. Erenus Yildiz, Tobias Brinker, Erwan Renaudo, Jakob Hollenstein, Simon Haller, Justus Piater, Florian Wörgötter, A Visual Intelligence Scheme for Hard Drive Disassembly in Automated Recycling Routines.. International Conference on Robotics, Computer Vision and Intelligent Systems, 2020, to appear. [Link] [BibTeX]

      2. Stefan Spiss, Yeongmi Kim, Simon Haller, Matthias Harders, Comparison of Tactile Signals for Collision Avoidance on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Haptic Interaction (Proceedings of the 2nd Asia Haptics Conference, 2016), pp. 393–399, 2018. Springer LNEE 432. © Springer-Verlag [Link] [PDF] [Abstract] [BibTeX]

      3. David Martínez, Guillem Alenyà, Pablo Jiménez, Carme Torras, Jürgen Roßmann, Nils Wantia, Eren Aksoy, Simon Haller, Justus Piater, Active Learning of Manipulation Sequences. International Conference on Robotics and Automation, pp. 5671–5678, 2014. © IEEE [Link] [PDF] [Abstract] [BibTeX]


      1. Thiusius R. Savarimuthu, Anders G. Buch, Yang Yang, Simon Haller, Jeremie Papon, David Martínez, Eren Aksoy, Manipulation Monitoring and Robot Intervention in Complex Manipulation Sequences. Workshop on Robotic Monitoring, 2014 (Workshop at RSS). Extended Abstract. [Link] [PDF] [BibTeX]

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