Intelligent and Interactive Systems

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Intelligent and Interactive Systems

Making robots learn to perceive and act with understanding

At IIS we enable autonomous robots to perceive and act flexibly and robustly in unstructured environments, leveraging machine learning methods to build perceptual, motor and reasoning skills.

We seek to answer the question: How can we enable robots to acquire the knowledge and understanding they require to interact sensibly with unstructured environments?

Our research addresses complete perception-action loops, from computer vision to grasping and manipulation, using reactive algorithms and/or cognitive models. Much of our work uses machine learning to enable robots to synthesize and improve complex and robust sensorimotor behavior with experience. Related areas of interest include human-robot interaction, image and video analysis, and visual neuroscience.

Working With Us

Group Picture
Group picture taken at our retreat in Obergurgl


2021-11-24Justus Piater is a panelist at a public discussion on Privacy in the Digital Age, online. (Organized by ELSA Innsbruck)
2021-10-22Justus Piater gives an invited talk Robotik und KI in der Medizin – nur Bedarfserweckung? at Medical Update Hall 2021 – Fit für das neue Jahrzehnt, UMIT, Hall in Tirol.
2021-08-26Justus Piater contributes a talk Digital Science at the University of Innsbruck at Aurora Research Conference Digital Society & Global Citizenship, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. [Abstract]
2021-08-24Justus Piater contributes a lecture Picking and Placing at 2021 GMAR Summer School, Villa Blanka, Innsbruck.
2021-07-01Justus Piater and Matteo Saveriano give an invited talk Making Robots Learn to Perceive and Act with Understanding at Workshop and Open Lab on Field Robotics - Interdisciplinary aspects of robotics and its applications in outdoor scenarios, NOI Techpark, Bolzano, Italy.
2021-05-26Justus Piater contributes a talk Intelligente und interaktive Systeme at GMAR Robotics Science Talks, online.
2021-03-24Justus Piater gives an invited lecture Machine Learning, Perception, And Abstract Concepts at Invited lecture at Ontario Tech U, Canada, online. [Abstract]
2021-01-28Matteo Saveriano gives an invited talk Making robots to learn from human observation? at Showcasing Young Austrian Scholars and Scientists, Austrian cultural forum, Ottawa, online.
2021-01-14Matteo Saveriano gives an invited talk Hierarchical action decomposition and motion learning for the execution of manipulation tasks at Hello Tyrol calling! Robotics Talk online, GMAR, Innsbruck, online.
2020-11-19Justus Piater gives an invited talk Machine Learning in Robotics at bAIome PI Talk, Center for Biomedical AI, University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, online. [Abstract]

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University of Innsbruck
Department of Computer Science
Technikerstr. 21a
6020 Innsbruck

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