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Innsbruck Multi-View Hand Gesture (IMHG) Dataset

Hand gestures constitute a natural forms of communication in human-robot interaction scenarios. They can be used to delegate tasks from a human to a robot. To facilitate human-like interaction with robots, a major requirement for advancing in this direction is the availability of a hand gesture dataset for judging the performance of the algorithms.

Dataset Features

  • 22 participants performed 8 hand gestures in the context of human-robot interaction scenarios taking place at close proximity.
  • 8 hand gestures categorized as:
    1. 2 types of deictic gestures with the ground truth location of the target pointed at,
    2. 2 symbolic gestures,
    3. 2 manipulative gestures,
    4. 2 interactional gestures.
  • A corpus of 836 test scenarios (704 reference gestures with ground truth, and 132 other gestures).
  • Hand gestures recorded from two views (frontal and lateral) using an RGB-D Kinect sensor.
  • The data acquisition setup can be easily recreated using a polar coordinate pattern as shown in the figure below to add new hand gestures in the future.

  • Soon to be released publicly.
  • Currently available for Download (~888MB) with authentication.

Sample Scenarios

Gestures recorded from frontal and side view. T-B: Finger pointing, Tool pointing, Thumb up (approve), Thumb down (disapprove), Grasp open, Grasp close, Receive, Fist (stop).


Dadhichi Shukla, Özgür Erkent, Justus Piater, A Multi-View Hand Gesture RGB-D Dataset for Human-Robot Interaction Scenarios. International Symposium on Robot and Human Interactive Communication, 2016 PDF.


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This research has received funding from the European Community’s Seventh Framework Programme FP7/2007-2013 (Specific Programme Cooperation, Theme 3, Information and Communication Technologies) under grant agreement no. 610878, 3rd HAND.



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