Face shape annotations for the RWTH-PHOENIX corpus

The following archive available for download contains face shape annotations – along with the corresponding images – for the seven signers who appear in the RWTH-PHOENIX corpus. The archive contains one directory per signer, each of which contains an “images” subdirectory and a “points” subdirectory. All image files are 300×260 PNG images. All face shape annotation files are ASCII files with the filename extension ”.pts”.

Download RWTH-PHOENIX face shape annotations here!

Distribution of the annotated images among the signers

In total 369 images from the RWTH-PHOENIX corpus have been manually annotated with the face shape.

Signer # annotated images
Signer01 61
Signer02 65
Signer03 62
Signer04 51
Signer05 35
Signer06 42
Signer07 53

Structure of a face shape annotation file (".pts" file)

For each image the face shape annotation consists of the ordered list of the positions of 38 facial landmarks. Each facial landmark – or face shape point – has two coordinates in the coordinate system originating at the top-left corner of the image, with the x-axis pointing right and the y-axis pointing down. The actual structure of a ”.pts” file is as follows:

version: 1
n_points: 38
  x_1  y_1
  x_2  y_2
  x_38 y_38

Face shape annotation example

A possible interpretation of the shape points as face parts is as follows (using zero-based indexing in the list of points of a ”.pts” file):

Shape point indices Face part
0-1-2 upper part of the left eyebrow
3-4-5 upper part of the right eyebrow
6-7-8-9 eyelids of the left eye
10-11-12-13 eyelids of the right eye
14-15 nasal ridge
16-17 nasal base
18-19-20-21-25-24 upper lip
18-23-22-21-26-27 lower lip
28-29-30-31-32-33-34-35-36-37 cheeks and chin

Note: The original images from the RWTH-PHOENIX corpus do not have square pixels and come in 210×260 image resolution. Therefore the annotated data provided here should be scaled appropriately if the goal is to use them to build models that are relevant to the entire corpus. Scaling both our images and our shape annotations by a factor 210/300 in the horizontal direction only (x-coordinates) will do the trick!


Creative Commons License  Face shape annotations for the RWTH-PHOENIX corpus by Thomas Hoyoux, IIS Lab, University of Innsbruck, are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. To view a copy of this license, visit or send a letter to Creative Commons, 444 Castro Street, Suite 900, Mountain View, California 94140, USA.


This work was partially funded by the European Community's Seventh Framework Programme FP7/2007-2013 (Specific Programme Cooperation, Theme 3, Information and Communication Technologies) under grant agreement no. 231424, SignSpeak.

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